Wall lights… renovation project

local house renovator wants some wall lights…. We have been commissioned by a local who is renovating a house for some wall lights… They have a total of somewhere in the region of 30 throughout the place so wanted a few woody ideas.. time will tell what more we will come up with.. but here […]

Big sweet chestnut

Why would chestnut be classed as “Poor Mans Oak” When we were asked for some oak or chestnut the other day.. i thought what will it be used for.. and on windo cills .. oak especially english oak was not going to be my choice it mooves cracks and does what it wants.. much better […]

What to do with this

Sweet chestnut.. Burr Some time ago i remember seeing this piece as it came off the mll.. looked stunning when still fresh cut… however it was put to one side and temporarily lost in the mass of other wood stacked out to dry.. It reappeared in a pile of “interesting” wood just the other day […]