Bar top in the making!

Today we took on a new member of staff to try and help us catch up on all the cutting and finishing for our bespoke orders. First job..create a bar!

A new rum bar is opening in town and wanted us to make them a bar top, they guys came in to take a look at some wood but as they wanted nearly 4.8 metres long and 400mm wide it wasn’t going to be an easy find.  We looked at Monteray Pine, Sweet Chesnut, and we considered Oak but would’t have the time to dry it, I then remembered we had some Macrocarpa in probably the right length, after climbing over some logs to find it, we measured up to find the right piece required.  Because of the time scale we had to cut and dry quickly! The following day it was on our Mebor 1200 Bandsaw, and then into the kiln for a couple of weeks.  After drying it was taken out cut to size and sanded.  Needless to say when it was collected I invited my self to the opening night..perks of the job! All is good which can be seen. The Staff was so gentle enough to make it good in appearance and smoothness of the bar, and so far it is approved by other staff who are more skilled. 


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